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The Way Things Are

Musings on Nano, and what I'm writing for it

Jess' NaNoWriMo Journal
28 January
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The Way Things Are isn't the story of tragedy hitting a family. It isn't the story of a family falling to pieces. It's the story of a family decaying.

Richard is successful. He has It and a Bit. A real estate agent, with a senior position in a top company, he has charimsa, charm, success and lots of money to his name. He even has the wife-and-two-kids to stand next to him when he needs to show his softer side to the world.

Helen made the right choice... or so she keeps telling herself. Richard probably is having an affair with his secretary, the kids resent her and she resents them, but at the end of the day she has a very nice roof over her head and no one asks too many questions about how she occupies her time. She's... earned this.

Brett's going to make it like his father has. Only he's not going to allow himself to fall victim to a pathetic tranquilizer-addled creature like his mother. At 18, he's a prefect in the final year of his education at a prestigious Catholic boys' school, aiming to get into Medicine or Engineering... to wind up in the same position as someone like his father- respected, wealthy, and influential.

Most people overlook Monica. She's 15 and the one thing she's learnt in year nine is that most of her friends at her exclusive private girls' school- are vapid, shallow twits. And that her family is fucked. Her father is a homophobic shit, her mother is a pill-popping mess, and her brother is a misogynist in the making. (Even though some of the girls he sleeps with are quite cute.) Her marks are okay, her reputation slips under the radar because no one cares enough (which is sort of good when you have a homophobic family and you're sleeping with girls) and her one ambition is to turn eighteen- because that's when life starts...

They're the family everyone aspires to be. They're the last people to have problems. If more people were like them...

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Anyway, that's the novel. (My NaNo Profile is here.) This is the journal where bits of the novel might be posted, and where thoughts about writing it go...

Please Note: LiveJournal likes you to mention in the UserInfo if you're writing about things which may be offensive to people or which may be of an "adult" nature. The Way Things Are would probably warrant at least an "R" rating in the US, more likely an "NC-17" if it were movieised. (Books rarely get rated or censored unless people notice them, which is why I'm going for the movie comparison.)

I tend to cut-tag anything too awful with a warning, and most of the plot/darker stuff is in Friends-Only entries... but still... I thought I'd warn ya'll.

Happy NaNo, everyone!!!