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Plottage is gooooood...

*le sigh*

Have spent most of today offline, believe it or not, plotting the NaNo novel, and listening to music. I want to make myself a soundtrack to write to. So far we have Something for Kate on there, Linkin Park, U2, Fiona Apple, You Am I, Lifehouse, and Live... and a few others. I should cross-post this to my NaNo LJ- nano_jess_y0.

Much plottage has happened. Um, warning... All of the characters are utterly dislikable. I come close to liking the teenage kids because I sort of feel sorry for them. Another warning: It gets heavy. Seriously heavy. But it does.

Oh, and there's a death.

There's not meant to be a moral or a lesson or anything cathartic or meaningful about it- it's just about a fucked-up family. There's no Mary-Sueage, either. The teenage daughter (Will either be Monica or Bianca- I'm not sure yet) reminds me of Phil in some ways- she's sort of like Phil with a Daria edge. The father makes my Dad look like John Ritter's character in Problem Child... he's a prick. The mother is nothing at all like my own, and she has a different set of issues to any my Mum has. And the brother... I've only observed people like him from a distance- the rule-bound brown-nosing school prefects with their heads up their arses- and laughed at them.

It's weird, though, but if roleplaying has done anything for me, it's made me really be able to get into the heads of characters I have next to nothing in common with. It's not made me accept the way they have some horrible, shitty attitudes in some cases, but it's made me be able to see where they're coming from, and why they do what they do.

Even though it's NaNo, and it's meant to be easy writing, where you're producing rather than finelining, I have four people like that to get in the heads of. I need a name for the son, too!!! :( Have been reading that Ren Lexander book, The Secret Meaning of Names. Have a few ideas jotted down... I'm thinking the parents would have named him something to suggest that he'd be stoic and emotionless and stable... possibly something to keep the family together, which is how he's being used to a degree in the book.
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